Functional Medicine in Wheaton, IL

Are you looking for an alternative way to transform your health? Let us set you up a consultation with a functional medicine doctor in Wheaton! Functional medicine is not your traditional medicine, it encompasses you, as the patient, as a whole. From IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) to Insomnia, shifting and sharing the focus on mind and body.

Your Mental Wellness Contributes To Your Physical WellnessFunctional Medicine Consultation in Wheaton

Our physical body is controlled by our brain, thus when our brain is unwell, our bodies can fail with it. Functional Medicine incorporates practices, such as lifestyle and nutritional coaching. Not only will the plan be catered to your needs and schedule, it’s attainable for you. Within your initial consultation, you and your doctor will talk about what will work best for you and create a custom program according to your needs and your life. While mental health is important, as is biological health. We will take a deep dive into your health through blood work and urine samples to help determine any minute factors that could be impacting your health.

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Our team not only serves Wheaton, IL, but the surrounding area! Setting up a consultation is the first step to getting your health back on track! Please call for more information about scheduling an appointment with us.

Questions You May Have About Functional Medicine

What Does Functional Medicine Consist Of?

Functional medicine is an integrative process that is personalized to each patient. Therefore, no two patients will receive identical treatment. Prior to treatment, doctors work to find the root of the problem, looking at the person rather than just symptoms. Functional Medicine Practices focus on the mental and emotional health of patients, alongside the physical. Struggles and traumas, such as financial struggles, divorce, negative thoughts/emotions, and abusive relationships, can cause brain chemistry(such as serotonin and cortisol levels) to fluctuate. The body uses those chemicals to help run the body efficiently, cortisol, for example, controls the body’s response to stress. Working with the patient to manage chronic illness, using these methods, is what a functional medicine doctor does.

Is It Worth Seeing A Functional Medicine Doctor?

This depends on what you are looking for. Traditional medicine only looks at the symptoms and how to treat them, while functional medicine treats the patient on a whole. They aren’t looking for the “what,” they are looking for the “why.” Looking for other circumstances in other parts of the body that could affect the condition. Sufferers of chronic illnesses have turned to this form of treatment to help manage their symptoms, according to the testimonies, this has proven effective.

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